About Travis

Hello, my name is Travis Semenok I’m in my second year of the Secondary Education program at the University of Regina. I have been blessed to realize my passion of wanting to be a future educator and I’ve loved my two years in the program, and I’m excited for what my future in the program will bring me.

So about me, I’m from Medicine Hat, Alberta where I attended Medicine Hat High School.  Loved my time there, I was lucky to have been taught by some incredible educators who had a clear passion for their subjects and the ability to build relationships with their students.

While in high school I was able to take part in many different sports like; track and field, basketball, and football. Ultimately football became a strong passion of mine and is one of the main reasons I choose to attend the University of Regina so I could play for the U of R Rams football club. Through sports I was able to see first hand the impact that coaches can have on the athletes. I had many coaches that to this day are important role models in my life. Coaching is a major reason I decided to pursue teaching. I’ve had lots of opportunities to coach youths, from grade nine RCBA basketball, to numerous football camps I’ve started my experiences with of teaching youth.

I’m excited at the idea of being able to positively impacting youths lives through both teaching and coaching. It is this idea that drives me to be a future educator.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about me!


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