Week 3: Educational Quote

Choose a quotation related to education. It might be a quote from lecture, a quote from the list posted here, or a quote you found independently. In a post, unpack that quote. Think about what it makes possible and impossible in education. What does it say about the teacher, about the student? How does it related to your own understandings of curriculum and of school?

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” -Magaret Mead

I did a quick google search of education quotes and landed on this. The quote jumped out at me. The message behind it aligns itself nicely along with what we have been discussing in class. To me this says our most important job as future educators is providing students with the necessary tools to be able think. Me in particular being a history major, english minor. My job is not to dictate to my students how they have to view a passage from Macbeth or how they need to feel about current events. Rather I need to provide my students with techniques to break down literature, history, and current events. There is no one way to view things, that’s the beauty of something like poetry, it can mean so many things to different people. If a teacher simply tells their students how to view something so it fits the curriculum, then the education system hurting students rather than helping them.

In my own experience I have seen education change dramatically from what to think to how to think. All the way up to grade 12 I would taught a one way narrative in social, but in my last year there was a drastic change. I was encouraged to voice my opinion, and analyze more rather than simply absorb facts and recite them. Now this change could have been brought on by a new teacher, a change in the curriculum, or the fact that I was in grade 12. I’m not sure, but I do know I felt empowered by this and was far more engaged in my learning.

In conclusion, this quote captures the struggle between education being there to fit the students to what the curriculum wants them to know and the idea that education is there to provide students with the ability to learn for themselves.


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  1. Hey Travis, Blake here checking in! I really liked the quote you chose and how you said “To me this says our most important job as future educators is providing students with the necessary tools to be able think.” Looking forward to your later posts T dog, keep it up!!


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