Week 5

Before Reading:

Before I looked at the reading I had a understanding that school curriculums were developed by people who were directly involved in my education. This being select department heads in the province, principals, and members in the school districts. Of course I knew that members of the government had a large impact on what was put into the curriculum, but not to the extent that it really is.

After Reading:

After looking over the reading it became clear just how far reaching the influences that go into the education curriculum go. This includes parents, and teachers these individuals all have personal investment into what will be taught. What surprised me in the reading was the influence of both text book producers and employers. Upon knowing this know it does make sense. The text book producers make their money off of having the proper information in the text book so of course they would want to lobby on their behalf on what goes into the curriculum. The most power belongs to the politicians though. The board of education which is handpicked by the government have the most power. What goes into the curriculum is a very political act. The in power party could be attempting to keep campaign promises ahead of an election to gain favour with voters. The changes made in cases like these are not always in the best interest of the students, and teachers. The people who it actually affects. It is a sad reality of how politics have a strong hold on what goes into the education curriculum.


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